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Chris Mitchell


In 2003, at the age of 23, I began my venture into real estate when I decided to purchase a house for my growing family. At the time, I didn’t know a thing about the buying process. Before I set out on my home buying journey, I wanted to learn as much as I could about the process, so I delved into the real estate rabbit hole and searched for anything related to real estate. I came across a real estate agent who worked exclusively with buyers. I reached out to this agent, and he agreed to meet with me. During our first meeting, he took me through the entire home buying process. I had already identified a home we were interested in, and at $66k, it was within my price range. The home was built in 1936, and we were financing with an FHA loan, needless to say there were tons of unforeseen issues. My agent guided me through each issue, explaining my options. He took the time to explain things and answered every question I had; he would say that there were no dumb questions. My experience with this agent was beyond anything I could have imagined. It was at that point I decided I wanted to guide people through the home buying and selling process, so while working at a local non-profit, I enrolled in real estate school.

I finished school, passed my tests, and earned my license. Initially, I sold real estate on a part-time basis. The non-profit lost funding, so I started selling real estate full-time. It was difficult. After all, who trusts a 24-year-old who just purchased his first house and only recently started his real estate career? After six months, I decided to take a job with Cartus Relocation. There I was able to work on real estate transactions with agents and clients. I worked my way up to Operations Manager before taking a position with RealPage as a Product Support Manager III. RealPage is a software as a service provider that, among other things, develops multi-family and single-family property management software. I was there for a little over 1.5 years before leaving. At that point, I decided to jump back into the sales side of real estate, and in 2016, I reactivated my license and haven’t looked back.

I pride myself on providing exceptional, professional, and comprehensive real estate services to my valued clients. As a member of The Kirk McDonald Group, I deliver an insightful and in-depth assessment of the current regional trends within the Greater North Texas real estate market. In serving my clientele seeking to find their dream home or sell their special residence, I distinguish myself by ultimately ensuring that each client receives an engaging real estate experience with impressive results.

Through genuine dedication and commitment to serving each client with true advocacy, they always receive real estate advice based on a careful analysis of the market and a deliberately mindful, fiduciary, and cautious approach on their behalf. I know my numbers and take great care to analyze the investment potential of each property so that we leverage each opportunity to benefit my clients. When working with sellers, I implement effective and resourceful marketing strategies that accentuate each property’s specific features and position the property to stand out in the marketplace. When working with buyers, regardless of the time and effort it takes, my sole focus is on my client’s goal of purchasing a home that they will cherish for years. Through advice and insightful perspective, I help my buyers visualize a home’s potential and bring light to the pros and cons of each property’s features.
Clients trust my integrity, insight, and accurate assessment. I take every measure to ensure that my clients' best interests are always of the utmost importance, and I readily deliver results that exceed their expectations. I pride myself on finding creative solutions and exhibiting extensive knowledge, skill, and resourcefulness when advising my clients on all real estate matters. My clients have recognized me for providing highly personal and responsive representation, as well as for being an advocate who is fully dedicated to achieving their real estate goals.