How You Can Make Finding and Buying an Accessible New Home Easier

When you’re searching for that perfect home, a little know-how is essential. You especially need the right planning and professionals when you’re looking for an accessible home that fits your lifestyle. So if you are currently in the market for an accessible new home, here are some important steps you need to take.


Get Your Credit and Finances in Order

Shopping for a new home can be an adventure. But you don’t want issues with your credit to put more stress on your search for a perfect accessible home. Savvy home buyers should always take a peek at their credit report in order to clear up any mistakes or issues well ahead of making an offer on a home. If you do find an error early enough, you can take the proper steps to remove it before it makes a difference in the kind of financing you are offered for your home loan.

In addition to your credit, you also need to determine how much you can pay for your new home. There are plenty of home mortgage calculators and guides online that can help you work out the ideal amount you should budget for monthly. Bear in mind that if you need to make additional accessibility upgrades, you may need to leave a little more room in your budget to take care of repairs. You can also look for financial assistance, if needed, to take care of accessibility renovations without putting a massive dent in your budget for buying a new home.


Get Out and Start Shopping for Your New Home

By now, you know what it takes to secure your finances and set up a safe home. So, you are more than ready to make finding your dream home a reality! You should start by making a detailed list of all the property and neighborhood features you desire in your new home. Keep in mind that most features of a home you can change, but the location and property size you cannot. So if you find a home that is in the right area but needs some work, it may be worth it to compromise on a few features at first. Access to essential resources, like public transportation and accessible shopping options (i.e., grocery delivery) can make all the difference for those living with a disability, but you should decide what elements are essential for your own personal lifestyle.


With this list in hand, now is the time to hire a local realtor who can help lead you through the rest of your home buying journey. Someone who specializes in accessible homes who has local knowledge can give you an edge when it comes to locating viable properties.


Make Sure Your New Home is Move-In Ready

Once you settle on the perfect home, you still need to take some additional steps to make sure it is set up as securely and safely as possible. Before you move in, make changing the locks a top priority. You never know who has the old keys to your home, so use an online search to find a local locksmith who can get your home secured as quickly as possible.


Once the locks are taken care of, you may want to think about working with a contractor to take care of any major repairs or renovations needed to help you feel at home.  If you do not have friends who can refer you to a local contractor, you can always ask your realtor or look for search tools to help you out online. You should go with a contractor who is familiar with current accessibility upgrades that can help you live comfortably with your disabilities. For example, creating a wheelchair-friendly bathroom may be a top priority for buyers with mobility issues, so ask your contractor if he/she is comfortable installing specialty showers and grab bars that can keep you safe as you settle into your new place.

If you need an accessible home, you need the right tools to guide you. So keep these tips and suggestions saved, so that you will be better prepared to find your dream home, and get safely settled into it faster.

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Post courtesy of Natalie Jones with Homeownerbliss!